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Review Policy

June 7, 2019

When we started the podcast, the idea was to have some fun, talk about some board games and then spout some opinions about them. then we started to get other people on the show with their opinions as well. 
As we entice more people to listen to us, we thought it was time to make things clearer regarding our position on the way we do certain things.
This will hopefully make sure we keep thing transparent as the podcast grows.
It's only a couple of things, but they are important to state.


1. For any reviews that we carry out (Got These To The Table), unless otherwise stipulated during the episode or added to the show notes, the games we discuss have either been purchased by members of We're Not Wizards, or are owned by the guests of the show.
If the games have been provided as 'samples' or 'review copies' then we will make you aware of this in the episode itself or again in the show notes.


2. We are currently not working with or have paid agreements with any Marketing or PR organisations in order to promote certain products or have them specially featured on the show. We will inform you on an episode by episode basis if this is not the case.


3. Games that appear on the Give It A Kick section of the podcast should not be taken as an endorsement to back the product on offer. As we have stated before on episodes, Kickstarter is still a buyer beware situation, and we do not take any responsibility for any issues that may arise from backing a product.


4. We select the products to feature either through browsing Kickstarter or occasionally if the creator of the project has asked us to consider featuring their project on the episode. If the latter is the case, we have not taken any compensation from the project creator in either the from of a free copy of the game or through monetary compensation.


5. If we review games that previously featured in the Give It A Kick section. These games will have been ordered through the campaign by member of We're Not Wizards team. If for any reason we review a game that we have received without purchasing, we will make you aware of it either during the episode or in the show notes.


6. Companies or Individuals that appear on We're Not Wizards as either guests on Friends of the Show or Work In Progress will not have paid We're Not Wizards to appear as guests unless it is stated during the show as part of our Kickstarter Campaign from December 2018. Any guests promoting or discussing products or services should not be taken as an endorsement by We're Not Wizards. We will not be held responsible for any issues caused through backing a product or purchasing a service featured on the show.




7. The views and opinions expressed on the show do not represent the views of any connected companies the owners are connected to in anyway. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.


We're Not Wizards

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