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Promotional Services

May 20, 2020

Since 2016 we've built the We're Not Wizards brand to over 100,000 episode downloads, over 300 episodes with over 200 awesome guests. Our social media has over 6000 following on Twitter, with a continual growing presence across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We are now looking to work with creators and businesses who would like to use our network to help spread awareness of their brand, company and products.

We are pleased to offer the following promotional services for any business looking to increase their presence or create some noise before or during a project, be it crowdfunding or a new release.
We are looking to offer a range of services in the form of set packages.

If you are looking for something more bespoke, then please email us on where we will be happy to work with you on a solution specific for your needs.


Premium Podcast Episode.

At present, our recording lead time is normally 2 months ahead, due to the strict timetable we keep, and while we try to keep to a very loose release schedule, we are aware this may not be suitable for everyone's immediate requirements.
We will work with you to record an episode of the show based on the subject you wish to talk about, where we will work with you to decide recording and release times based on your requirements and our availability.
The episode will be shared on multiple occasions across multiple social media accounts including repeat posts as agreed.


Advert Videos for Kickstarter

We will record a short preview/advert video with a run through on basic game play of your project, including un-boxing and game content if requested. We will base the video on your requirements but we will not provide an opinion on the game. Previews with an opinion will still be offered as a free service.


Show Sponsorship

We will add a short soundbite to the beginning of each episode that you decide to sponsor that will either give your company name and/or company name and product. This will run for an agreed time period and we will allow a maximum of two sponsors per show. The link to your company and product will also appear in the show notes for every show you sponsor. On average we release up to ten episodes per month and average over 5000 downloads per month for the network.


Social Media Advertising

We will work with you to promote your content and project through our social media channels. This can include Banner adverts on our Facebook page, banner and pinned tweets on twitter, regular retweets and tweets on twitter of your campaign. We will share you images on our Instagram feed. We will look at posting content relating to your project on our blog, subject to the nature of the content.


General Marketing Assistance / Audience Building / Social Media Training 

We know how to build a brand, what works and what doesn't. And we can help you.

If you see something that interests you, then please get in touch through email magic (at) were not wizards (dot) com

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