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July 20, 2017

When Peter met Jamey - Jamey Stegmaier - Peter Blenkharn - Charterstone - Newspeak

Peter Blenkharn headed up the highly successful award winning Sub Terra campaign and is now promoting his next game Newspeak.

Jamey Stegmaier is one of the most respected designers in the industry, with such well known and loved award winning games as Viticulture, Scythe and Euphoria in his resume. 

I would love to say we had been planning this for months but the truth is that Peter jumped in at the last minute and the result is one of the most interesting interviews you'll hear about the creative process. 

We really appreciate the time both Jamey and Peter gave us and we hop you enjoy the episode. If you did, then please tell your friends and ask them to listen. 

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