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December 20, 2019

John Mizon - SW Megagames - IT’S REALLY REALLY BIG OK?

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Richard is joined by John Mizon of SW Megagames to chat about 30 player huge turnabouts of fun. AND ITS MEGA. 

Links of Notes

Megagames are massive day-long experiences that blend roleplaying, board game-style mechanics, social gameplay and model-UN style simulation to a venue filled with anywhere from 30 to 300 players. Though the themes of games can range from sci-fi colony planets all the way to medieval courts, the unifying feature is simulating a massive, confusing crisis or conflict, and seeing how the existing structures and factions deal with the challenges of information and communication that the situation brings.


Watch The Skies - Shut Up & Sit Down Play a Goddamn Megagame!  

What is a Megagame?  

 Megagame Makers and Megagame Assembly international megagame calendars:


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