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July 17, 2016

Friends of the Show - Starting a Vault War in the Dead of Winter on the Wasteland Express - Jon Gilmour

In our latest Friends of the Show edition, we reach across the pond and have a chat with Jon Gilmour which unearths one of the funniest and interesting stories we've heard about getting into the hobby. We were really pleased he took the time out to talk to us and it's certainly worth a listen.  
Jon, along with Isaac Vega were responsible for the creation of Dead of Winter, a personal favourite of Richard's.
He has been involved in a number of other games which he was happy to talk about as well as telling us what he likes to get to the table.
We talk about Kickstarter and the choices in the route to market and finish up with his latest game in progress, the extremely interesting looking Wasteland Express. 
We answered some questions and general had a bit of fun. Even though Richard does comes across as Captain Fanboy. 
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