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August 6, 2016

Friends of the Show - Speaking in Code but not saying the D Word. - Gary Butterfield

For our next Friends of the Show Episode, we are joined by fabulous Gary Butterfield who is one half of the network.

Along with his co-host Kole Ross, he hosts a number of  successful podcasts including the Dark Souls focused Bonfiresidechat, The Retrogame look-back  Watch out for Fireballs and the hilarious Abject Suffering.
We really appreciate the time Gary gave us and he was great fun to speak with. 

Gary gives us his thoughts on Codenames, RPG campaigns and we manage to pretty much avoid talking Dark Souls until near the end, where Gary reveals a startling revelation. 

For those unfamiliar with his work, please visit the Duckfeed website

You can find Gary on Twitter -

We even splashed out on some spy related theme music courtesy of
Which we will probably change for next time now we know how to do it. 
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