We are many things. But We’re Not Wizards

August 27, 2016

Friends of The Show SCANDAL - Staying In, Making Tea, Not Eating Crisps and Loving Little Dice - Sam Turner

Do you remember the film Michael Caine starred with Kevin Spacey in the 70s?
Or how about how long the gluten free aisle is in Tesco?
If Pandemic did advent Calendars, what would happen?
This, plus many other important topics are discussed between Richard and Sam Turner from The Staying In Podcast. We also talk about some boardgames, how Sam recently got involved in his six sided habit and much more. 
Had a massive amount of fun. Hope you enjoy.
We also need to warn you that the last 5 minutes of this show are quite frankly so full of scandal this may well be the last episode we release with a friend of the show..
It was so much fun, anything less than controversial would have been frankly unacceptable.

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Remember, we are many things but We're Not Wizards.

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