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December 7, 2016

Friends of the Show -We Found A Little Lost Panda And All She Wants To Do Is Play Board Games - Niki

Sometimes it just seems right to get someone on the podcast. No they don't have to be known in the industry, or be internet famous, or have something to casually promote. They just bring some good old fashioned conversation to the table and a lot of laughs as well.

This was the case with Niki, who after listening to the now infamous trilogy of  Jeremy Greer, Bryan Wade and Charles Turner asked if she could be on and talk about her boardgaming.  The episode you hear is only about 40% of what we talked about before we decided to actually record the show, which maybe explains the giggling at the beginning but not the rest of the nonsense that ensues.

We spoke about a fair number of games, all of which are mentioned in some shape or form below.

Niki was a delight to have on the show.

Niki on Twitter
X-Wing Miniatures
Carcassonne -
Olympic Cards and Comics -
Dungeonquest -
Drakon -
Battlecon  -
Tokaido -
Wizwar -


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