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November 16, 2016

Friends of the Show - I’m Not Your Father, I’m Just A Really Great Guy - Charles Turner / VadervanOdin

Richard is joined by Charles Turner, aka VaderVanOdin, aka Really Genuinely Great Guy to talk through time about his own special relationship with cardboard and lead and the beloved Games Workshop.

We delve into sibling rivalry and Heroquest before jumping into his current passion for Talisman and we once again curse Bryan Wade for having to be that guy. We talk about games Vader would like to play and games he would like to give a kick as well.

It's an excellent chat and Charles was an excellent guest and I emplore you to go follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his excellent youtube channel as well as listen to him on

Looks as these wonderful show notes!! - (Charles did these)

We spoke about most of these -

Hero Quest
Space Hulk / Space Crusade!!
Some war game between orcs and dwarfs
War hammer 40K
Blood Bowl
D & D - we did not mention this.

More recent games Vader has played

Boss Monsters 2
Minecraft card game
Ticket to ride

Vader Wants to get

Dungeon Saga -

Give it a kick

Blood Manor
Legends Untold

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