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August 22, 2016

Friends of the Show - Don’t Give Up Falling for Lords, Mr Darcy - Jeremy Greer

For our next Friends of the Show Episode, we are joined by Jeremy Greer.
Jeremy runs his own podcast Don't Give Up Skeleton, which is based on the stories of fans of the Dark Souls series of games, as well as co-hosting the Dark Insight Podcast, which is a videogame related podcast.

Jeremy is new to the boardgaming hobby, so we talk a few games he should consider picking up as a new player including Love Letter, Hive and Survive! Escape from Atlantis.

He tells us about his experiences with Marrying Mister Darcy and how he dealt with being thrown into his first ever Dungeons and Dragons game.  In short - he loved it.

We also have a good old chat about the Dark Souls Boardgame Kickstarter, and what our thoughts are on it.

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