Dr. Sam Illingworth | Carbon City Zero | Senior Lecturer in Science Communication, Manchester


In my continuing quest to make myself sound as stupid as possible, I am joined by the highly intelligent, articulate and dapper gentleman, Dr Sam Illingworth. We discuss the use of tabletop games in order to spark scientific discussion. Environmental policies in relation to the continuing changing political climate and the responsibility of boardgame designers in relation to sustainability. 

We chat a little about Carbon City Zero, coming to Kickstarter on the 9th September. Which is all about running your own city and pushing it towards being as Carbon Free as possible. 

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Link to the Manchester Game Studies Network: https://www.manchestergamestudies.org/

Manchester Game Studies Network on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGSNwork

Link to recent scientific paper using Catan to discuss global warming: https://jcom.sissa.it/archive/18/04/JCOM_1804_2019_A04


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