We are many things. But We’re Not Wizards


This Episode is the Mother of all Episodes because its Richard's Mum's Birthday as well as Mother's Day this coming weekend. 

This weeks shout outs are to
Massmoviecide UK
Twin Humanities
Dark Insight

We've been playing 
Mysterium -
Pokemon  -
Getting off the Shelf
Forge War
Ashes - Rise of the Phoenixborne -
Give them a Kick
Zombie Tower 3D
Steam Court -

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WARNING - Being the first episode, the sound quality wasn't as good as we would have wanted. SO please bear with us. The quality on future episodes is a whole lot better.

Listen to the first episode of the We're Not Wizards Podcast.

Where we ask you listen to our friends, 
Mass Moviecide UK,
Bonsfireside Chat,
Twin Humanities

You'll hear us talk about 
Lift Off - Get me off This Planet - 

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Remember, we are many things but We're Not Wizards.

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